Company will now offer the Wiley WEEB grounding and bonding products for solar applications.

BURNDY, a leading manufacturer and provider of electrical connector solutions and application tooling, and a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated, announces the purchase of substantially all the assets of Wiley Electronics LLC on October 14, 2011. Wiley Electronics is a niche provider of grounding, bonding, and cable management solutions for solar panel and rack mounting applications. Wiley Electronics products are sold under the Wiley WEEB and ACME Cable Clip names. BURNDY will now offer this complete line of unique solutions to the solar industry utilizing Wiley’s patent pending designs.

According to Rodd Ruland, BURNDY’s President, "This product line is an excellent addition to our extensive portfolio of grounding solutions. The innovation of the Wiley products offer time-saving solutions for installers in the fast growing and evolving solar market. We are very excited to have these products within the BURNDY offering.”
Brian Wiley, President of Wiley Electronics LLC noted, “I am confident that BURNDY’s track record, market reach, and engineering expertise will enable them to carry on with the legacy that we started at Wiley years ago in solar panel interconnect solutions. I am very pleased that many of the key employees who worked with me over the years in establishing this business have decided to join the BURNDY family and carry on our tradition as a solution provider to this industry.”

BURNDY is committed to providing consistent excellence in quality, reliability, and service to the electrical industry, in the safest possible manner, at a competitive cost, and to the highest possible standards.