BURNDY is pleased to announce the release of their new Y6NCP series of pneumatic OEM crimping tools. The Y6NCP pneumatic tools are designed for medium volume OEM production and offer a UL Listed connection for a wide variety of BURNDY connectors and splices ranging from #22 - #4 AWG.

Two (2) different tools are being offered to serve different types of customer requirements and application needs.

The Y6NCP1 offers an extended wire range from #22 to #4 AWG while boasting pull-out forces that exceed Mil-Spec/SAE. As a result, the Y6NCP1 is suited for applications requiring higher wire pull-out forces such as high vibration environments. The Y6NCP1 utilizes the BURNDY J-Die system.

The Y6NCP1-SD offers an industry Standard Die envelope capable of crimping #22 to #10 AWG insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices. The Y6NCP1-SD provides customers with the same profile as the BURNDY MRE- Ergonomic hand tools for customers seeking an affordable UL Listed “system” termination solution.

The Y6NCP tools are packaged with the pneumatic tool, air hose, clear safety guards, fittings and jaw assembly. The Y6NCP1-SD also includes the two (2) die sets capable of covering the #22 - #10 AWG wire range for both insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices. J-Dies are sold separately.