BURNDY® Introduces the Bulkhead Ground Connector An easier way to pass ground wires through enclosures

BURNDY® is proud to introduce its Bulkhead Ground Connector designed to allow ground wires to easily and effectively be connected from the inside of an enclosure to the outside. Using proven split bolt BURNDY technology, the Bulkhead Ground Connector incorporates a male SERVIT POST™ and female SERVIT POST as part of an easy to use kit. The male and female SERVIT® portions are made of silicon bronze and the hardware supplied is stainless steel. An optional rubber grommet is also provided to ensure a NEMA 4X rating when installed correctly. Supplied with an easy to follow application guideline brochure, this new kit provides solutions to an application issue that has been a challenge to many industries for years.
Easy to use, easy to install, and provides a quality BURNDY ground connection.

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