FASTAP™ with Lineman Assist™

A Novel Solution to an Age Old Problem

BURNDY® introduces FASTAP™ with Lineman Assist™ pioneering a novel solution to an age old problem. Parallel groove clamps are an industry staple for mechanical tapping of utility lines. For decades these connectors have provided a safe, reliable, and easy to install solution for most utilities. The BURNDY® FASTAP™ with Lineman Assist™ addes innovative features to this tried and true connector technology improving safety, reliability, as well as ease and speed of installation.

FASTAP™ adds three unique features to the standard parallel groove clamp: spring loaded Lineman Assist™, duckbill handle, and a conductor side entry capability. These three features work in concert to improve the installation speed, safety, and reliability of the connection. The installation begins when the lineman squeezes the duckbill handle to allow the tap conductor to be side-loaded into the connector. This side entry feature enables faster insertion of the tap conductor without removing any of the prefilled oxide inhibitor that is necessary for a reliable connection. The innovative spring assist then acts as a third hand by providing a constant force on the tap conductor and securing it. Using the duckbill as a guide, the lineman then snaps FASTAP™ onto the run conductor, tightens, and the connection is complete. The entire process literally takes only seconds.

With increased visibility from the public during storm restorations, utilities are looking for solutions that quickly restore power in a safe, reliable, and cost effective way. The FASTAP™ duckbill design allows linemen to easily handle the connector with dielectric gloves in cold, wet, and icy environments. Add in the Lineman Assist™ feature and the linemen can now focus on getting the lights back on and not worry about the conductor falling out prior to tightening.