IMPLO® Connectors help protect the Nevada ecosystem during transmission line installation

We at BURNDY® help our customers go green, even where the landscape isn't. Do not let the looks deceive you. What may appear from a cursory view to be a wasteland void of even a cell-phone signal is in fact a living ecosystem unique in many ways.

The midsection of Nevada, a several hours' drive north out of Las Vegas, is a mountainous desert region. The terrain is rugged and isolated, yet supports a myriad of unique wildlife and vegetation. Additionally, the long history of Native American presence in the area has resulted in numerous sites of cultural significance.

In total, the challenges with building a 250 mile long, 500 kV line consisting of 3-bundle 1590 ACSR non-spec conductor, through such a region went beyond the lack of a developed communications network. However, one significant way the utility reduced the environmental impact by a transmission project of this magnitude was by the use of IMPLO.

Not only was the need for on-site hazardous liquids reduced, but also the need to disturb areas where traditional splices would have required installation after the conductor was pulled into place. IMPLO splices were installed at the stringing site already disrupted for equipment, and then passed through the stringing blocks to their final location.

Further saving the environment, fewer stringing sites were required. The limiting factor on most straight pulls was the distance capable of being sagged accurately, and IMPLO splices went the distance.

When accounting for the vastly improved reliability of IMPLO technology versus any other alternative, the long-term future prospects are high for this environment to remain "green," even when that color is absent.