Oil and Gas

  Oil and Gas market

Power from Experience and Dedication

The world economy depends on a continuous supply of petroleum products. To maintain an uninterrupted supply chain, BURNDY® has been leading the way in electrical connectors, installation tools and related products for over 85 years.

This long-term experience provides a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry. That’s why BURNDY® has a connector for power generation, distribution, grounding, motor connections and every other electrical application found in an oil and gas facility.No matter the application, all BURNDY® products are engineered to stand up to the harsh conditions found in production, petroleum refining and petrochemical processing operations—ensuring continued safety, reliability and efficiency

Interactive Application

Oil and Gas markets product application images GC-CT GAR KC,K2C compression connectors compression connectors compression grounding YGHP-C YGC H-tap YGHA Hydraulic Crimps Static Discharge Reels Fence post grounding