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On Line With the Power Generation Industry

Since 1924, BURNDY® has been involved in providing engineered product solutions for the power generation industry every step of the way. Beginning with our initial product patent for a mechanical bolted connector for use in substations, the BURNDY® commitment is stillstrong. We’ve expanded to:
• Designing our irreversible HYGROUND® compression grounding system in the 1960s for use in power generation facilities where quality and inspectability is key
• Helping to outfit the initial nuclear fleet buildout in the 1970s
• Continuing to provide high-quality services, tools and technology to the nuclear industry—complying with 10CFR50 Appendix B requirements, the quality assurance criteria for nuclear power plants
• Recently developing the Break-Away HYLUG™ terminal—which is specifically designed for the needs of wind-power generation,although the unique versatile design has been embraced in many areas
Be it coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydro, solar or wind—BURNDY® is your quality, engineered-connection solution company.

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