4” Fence Post Ground Clamp

BURNDY® has developed a new fence post grounding connector to accommodate 4” square fence posts. These large 4” fence post connectors are increasingly common for substation security fence applications as well as high security fences surrounding data centers, power plants, and other large industrial facilities.

The new 4” square clamp is tin-plated and has two wire grooves to accept 1/0 to 4/0 larger conductor in one groove, and #6 to #4 in the other groove. The large wire typically ties into the ground grid and is installed at the bottom of the 4” fence post, whereas the smaller wire is used to connect the fence mesh or barbed wire at the top of the fence post.

The GA400H294CTN is supplied with silicon bronze hardware, tin-plated clamping elements and recommended for direct burial in Earth or concrete. This heavy duty connector is another application solution found in The Grounding Superstore™.

Features and Benefits

  • Tin plated copper
  • Accommodates 4” square post
  • 2 grooves to accept different ranges of conductor
  • Silicon bronze hardware