Aluminum & Copper Neutral Bars

Aluminum & Copper Neutral Bars

We are pleased to announce the introduction of aluminum and copper neutral bars. Neutral bars provide an efficient method of bonding neutral and ground wires from secondary circuits in electrical panels. These new items will supplement our broad product offering of mechanical connectors.

The aluminum neutral bars are available in 2 styles and are UL Recognized and CSA Certified. The copper neutral bars are UL Recognized only. See the cut sheets for more information. 

 Click here to view the introductory video on Neutral Bars.


Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum Neutral Bars (Available in 2 Styles)
    • One style is for use on conductor from #14 - #4 AWG with available configurations to accommodate 2, 3, 9, 13 or 15 circuits.
    • The other style offers a number of ports for conductor of #14 - #6 AWG along with a number of ports that accept a conductor range from #14 - 1/0 AWG. These are available for 7, 15, 19 or 21 circuits.
    • AL9CU Dual rated for use with copper or aluminum conductor
    • High Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
    • Electro Tin-Plated for low contact resistance
    • Assembled with zinc plated steel screws
  • Copper Neutral Bars:
    • The copper neutral bars are suitable for a line conductor of #14 - #4 AWG and circuit conductors from #14 - #6 AWG. The copper neutral bars are suitable only for use with copper conductor.
    • Pure electrolytic copper to ensure maximum strength and conductivity
    • Assembled with zinc plated steel screws