Bolted Wedge In-Line Disconnect Switch

Bolted Wedge In-Line Disconnect Switch
We are pleased to announce the new Bolted Wedge In-Line Disconnect Switch, combining an innovative bolted wedge hybrid connector with industry standard components to bring the most reliable performance to switch/ distribution line connections. 

The Bolted Wedge In-Line Switch utilizes dual insulators to minimize switch movement during opening and closing of the blade. Installation steps are kept to a minimum as the switch can be snapped directly onto the line and secured with the BURNDY conductor pivot retainer. This retainer acts as a third hand to free up the line worker’s hands to safely install the connectors.

These innovative BURNDY bolted wedge connectors utilize bolted technology to provide a highly reliable mechanical and electrical connection and combines it with sliding wedge technology to ensure the connection stays tight even if the line experiences high mechanical loads. The hybrid design also takes some of the guesswork out of tightening the hardware. Simply tighten the bolts near the recommended tightening torque and the hybrid system takes over.

In addition to improving the safety and reliability of the connection, the new Bolted Wedge Connector system also increases the range of conductors it accommodates. 

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative bolted wedge hybrid connector secures switch to distribution line in tension applications
  • No special connectors, tensioning devices or tooling required
  • Industry recognized MindCore Technologies’ blade components with dual Advance Rubber Products, Inc. insulators attached to BURNDY designed yoke plate assembly
  • Designed for use in gloving and hot stick applications utilizing industry standard loadbreak tools; In-Line switch is engineered for both installation techniques
  • Dual insulators minimize switch movement during opening/closing of the blade (standard switches incorporate one insulator increasing assembly movement)
  • Switch snaps directly on the line and secured with conductor pivot retainer designed into the frame; can be lifted directly and secured in one operation minimizing installation steps
  • Hybrid bolted wedge connector combines proven mechanical technology with novel wedge allowing connector to grip the conductor tighter in case the line experiences a heavy load or installer fails to achieve correct tightening torque adding increased safety and reliability to the connection
  • MindCore Technologies’ blade is positioned to simplify cutting the conductor; once switch is secured with connectors, simply cut the cable in the middle of switch assembly using industry standard cable cutters
  • Removable and reusable for use in permanent or temporary applications
  • Mechanical and electrical connections made simultaneously with no additional connectors required
  • Reduced installation time and easier to install than conventional bolted In-Line switches
  • Two switches accommodate conductor range 1/0 ACSR to 556.5 (26/7) ACSR reducing the SKUs needed in the truck or on the shelf