BURNDY® Braid Expansion

Braid_NewProductThe Grounding Superstore™ is excited to introduce this extensive addition to our braid product family.

BURNDY® has been making braid for over 60 years and the options available are vast. BURNDY® Braid Assemblies are used when a standard conductor (code cable or even welding cable) is not flexible enough to serve as a ground conductor or in full power applications.

Braid assemblies are referred to by many names, from Shunts and Power Shunts to Grounding Jumpers, BusBar Connections, Flexible Leads, Bonding Straps, Cable Jumpers and Flexible Gate Jumpers. Whatever industry term is used, rely on BURNDY® to engineer, manufacture and supply the right configuration for you!

Features and Benefits

  • Copper Braids/Jumpers - Provides flexible, shock free connection between moving parts
  • Copper Ferrules/Terminals - Provides appropriate contact or termination options
  • Special Stainless Steel Braids – For bonding applications in corrosive environments
  • Heat Shrink Covering – Heat shrink protects braid from corrosion and provides insulation
  • Braid – General Features:
    • Absorbs shock and vibration of operating equipment
    • Made out of woven and flattened tinned (or non -tinned) pure copper wire/stainless steel
    • Higher amperage ratings versus an equivalent round conductor
    • Versatility in adapting to unusual orientations
    • Special mounting hole patterns, angle bends and split braid assemblies available