Disposable Enclosure Locks

Disposable Enclosure LocksDisposable enclosure locks provide quick locking and serve as an alternate solution to using padlocks. Generally, disposable enclosure locks are used to ensure tamper-proof safety and are less expensive. Used where entry is not required on a regular basis, such as electric meters, truck/trailer doors, electrical cabinets, and shipping containers, these locks provide the security of a shear head screw during installation. Available in 4 different designs, they are packaged 20 pieces to a bag.

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Disposable Enclosure Locks Video

Features and Benefits

  • Alternative to padlocks
  • Economical
  • Corrosion free
  • Adjustable — will fit any hasp
  • Excellent for locking points that are accessed infrequently
  • Provides a more substantial solution than a wire seal
  • Shear head screw provides easy installation and tamper