The BURNDY® PATRIOT® IN-LINE® tool platform has been redesigned to meet the growing market need for a smaller, lighter, and more ergonomic IN-LINE tool.

The PATMD-LW series weighs just 6.7 lbs. and is only 18.70” in height. This represents a 14% reduction in weight and an 11% overall length reduction compared to the current PATMD series; offering unrivalled ergonomics and comfort. Newly redesigned, robust jaws featuring proprietary locking tabs and a spring release pin, simplify the jaw change out process. An added layer of safety, as the jaws stay retained in the tool when the release pin is activated. The crimp jaws accept standard BURNDY® “W” and “X” style crimping dies.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact Size — Reduced weight and length; 14% lighter and 11% shorter for unmatched ergonomics and comfort
  • Robust Jaw Design — Improves tool balance and user experience
  • Scissor-Action Interchangeable Jaws — Simplifies the crimping and cutting processes
  • Locking Tabs — Retain the jaws in place when the change-out pin is released for quick jaw changeover and user safety
  • LED Worklight — Lights up the work area
  • 350º Rotatable Head — Allows the tool to be used in multiple positions for hard to reach areas
  • Large Triggers and Hand Grip Area — Allows for easy operation and comfort while wearing work gloves
  • Trigger Lock Safety Switch — Prevents accidental operation of the tool
  • Manual Drain Trigger — Provides total control of the crimping process
  • Quick-Release Actuated Blade Guide — Automatically closes to isolate cables for easy positioning and guides the blades through the cutting cycle
  • Makita Battery and Charger — For long lasting power
  • Lifetime Warranty on INFINITY DRIVE® Transmission