PATRIOT PATMD6-14V Battery Crimping Tool

PATRIOT PATMD6-14V Battery Crimping Tool

The BURNDY® High Performance PATRIOT® PATMD6-14V series of tools are approximately 80% faster than the previous PATMD6-14V models and approximately 70% faster than the new Greenlee® EK425L series of Li-ion tools. The new High Performance IN-LINE® tools will crimp a 4/0 copper splice (YS28) in approximately 2 seconds. In addition to faster crimp cycles, the High Performance PATMD6 series will perform approximately 335 crimps/charge on 4/0 copper splices.

The High Performance PATMD6-14V incorporates the latest engineering technology with a refi ned hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reliability. The electronics have been completely redesigned and exhaustively time tested in the harshest work environments. The end result is a package that consistantly delivers superior performance, and ultimate reliability! All PATRIOT® tools feature the BURNDY® INFINITY DRIVE® transmission which has a lifetime warranty.

The High Performance IN-LINE® series of tools features the BURNDY® MD6-type interchangeable scissor action crimp jaws capable of using all “W” and “X” style dies in the permanent D3 groove. The IN-LINE® tools feature 350° rotatable jaws for operation in virtually any position. All PATRIOT® battery actuated hydraulic tools provide a consistent, reliable connection every time.


Features and Benefits

  • Refined hydraulic system for ultra performance
  • Field-proven electronics, time tested in the harshest environments
  • Completes a crimp (YS28 4/0 splice) in approximately 2 seconds
  • True, one-handed operation
  • Pressure “pop-off” valve indicates completion of crimp
  • 6 tons of output force
    Easy to change interchangeable scissor action crimp jaws
  • Uses standard BURNDY® “W” and “X” dies
  • Ergonomically balanced tool design eases operation and helps lessen fatigue
  • Large hand grip area with rocker trigger design allows easier operation when the operator is wearing gloves
  • Durable, high impact formed carrying case provides superior protection and stores all accessories
  • 14.4 volt Ni-MH battery eliminates voltage depression (memory issues)
  • 3 year limited warranty on tool
  • Lifetime warranty on the INFINITY DRIVE® transmission
  • 1 year warranty on batteries and charger