WEJTAP™ Hot-Line Clamp Bails

 WEJTAP™ Hot-Line Clamp BailsWe are proud to introduce the BAIL2G1B and BAIL2G1 to the BURNDY® WEJTAP™ product offering.

The BAIL2G1B and BAIL2G1 are complimentary items to our existing WEJTAP™ portfolio, specifically helping enhance our Copper WEJTAP™ line with a much-needed bail solution.

The two bails are dimensionally the same; the BAIL2G1B features a brazed seam.

Features and Benefits

  • Bail connectors allow for hot-line tapping without arcing or chafing damage to the conductor.
  • Both bails are made of tin-plated, hard drawn copper and can be used with both copper and aluminum WEJTAP™ connectors.
  • The bails are designed to accommodate for the angle of the WEJTAP™ connector, resulting in the tap remaining parallel to the run conductor.
  • These bails fit any WEJTAP™ connector (copper or aluminum) that accepts #2 solid conductor, offering an alternative to some of the existing fixed bail connectors.
  • The brazed seam of the BAIL2G1B can simply be placed in the tap groove and fired on. This eliminates the installer having to properly align the seam of the non-brazed bails within the wedge connector. The brazed bail also removes the possibility of the bail end pulling out of the connector when not aligned properly.