WIREMIKECIWe are pleased to announce the introduction of the WIREMIKECI, the latest addition to our line of WIREMIKE™ product line. 

With its compact size it is easily accessible and can confirm any finished crimp when using butting “U” dies crimped with BURNDY 750, 46, 39, and 35 series of installation tools. This tool is used in a variety of applications when verifying the size of stranded, solid, and DLO (Diesel Locomotive) wire for Copper and Concentric and Compact wire for Aluminum.


Features and Benefits

  • Provides quick and easy identification of:
  • Cu Class B Stranded AWG (concentric)
  • Cu Solid AWG
  • Cu DLO
  • AL Class B Compact and Concentric
  • Strong, durable, long lasting, high quality stainless steel WIREMIKE™
  • Convenient size makes it easy to carry
  • T-Dimension for inspection of crimp for both copper and aluminum when using butting U Dies only (750, 46, 35, and 39 series of tools)
  • Supplied with a sheath to protect WIREMIKE™ gauge when not in use