The Y122CMR HYTOOL™ will accommodate copper compression HYDENT™ connectors for :

• #12 - #2 AWG Stranded

• #12 - #2 AWG G, H, I, K, M and DLO Flex

• #12 - #2 AWG Solid

The die index and BURNDY “bug” ( ) are embossed on the crimped connector for permanent inspectability. This tool is also available in 2 different kits (Y122CMRKIT and Y122CMRCIKIT) both come with a sturdy metal carrying case that houses the tool and select terminals.

The Y122CMR ratchet tool provides a full cycle ratchet crimp every time. The Y122CMR will not release until complete. Additionally, the comfort-grip handles reduce operator fatigue during continuous use.

                                       Click here to view the introductory video on Y122CMR HYTOOL™


Features and Benefits

  • Overmolded comfort grip handles
  • Easy groove identification with color coded dies
  • UL Listed/CSA Certified connections when used with recommended BURNDY terminals/splices
  • Die index embossment for all 6 wire ranges
  • Emergency release mechanism in case of misalignment or mistaken die choice
  • D-Ring Lanyard Holder