Ordering BURNDY® Braid Assemblies / Grounding Jumper

When determining how BURNDY® Braid Assemblies or grounding jumper will work best in your project, we encourage you to call our Customer Service Representatives and take advantage of our 90 years of experience in the electrical industry. We can help you determine the type of braid or grounding jumper that will work best in your situation and then discuss our engineering and manufacturing capabilities that can customize your order for:
• Covered (heat shrink covering available)
• Tin-, silver- or nickel-plated ferrules and terminal ends
• Special mounting hole patterns
• Undrilled ferrules or other special ferrule designs
• Elongated/slotted holes
• Special shaping
• Special angle bend
• Split braid assemblies
• Stacked or side-by-side construction
• Rope-lay and round conductor construction
• Sizes (assemblies go from 10 awg to 300 kcmil and higher)
In addition, ferrules can be belled at wire entry to provide additional stress relief. Note that extra options may increase lead times.

What We Need to Know

When ordering, be sure to provide the following standard requirements for bare braid untinned ferrules:
• Overall length (including ferrules)
• Ferrule width and length
• The mounting hole size and number of needed holes
• Needed hole pattern (note: drilling required to accommodate hardware)
• Amperage or wire size equivalent

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NEW! BURNDY has added 6" and 9" lengths to our in-stock braid options,  which also include 12", 18" and 24" lengths.