Pool & Spa Grounding


Bonding of All Metal Components

Lay-in style lug makes it easy to ground the conductor to a pool’s steel frame or in other continuous run applications.

Bonding of Rebar

For connecting grounding conductor to ground rod or rebar. The open face design makes it easy to lay-in the tap

Bonding of Pool/Spa Motor And Equipment

Range taking terminal for grounding outdoor equipment such as motors, ladders, slides and lighting.

The NEC requires that “electrical equipment shall be grounded…” “The following equipment shall be grounded”… “All electrical equipment located within 1.5 m (5ft) of the inside wall of the specified body of water.” (Article 680.6) This equipment also includes drain, rebar, water inlet, skimmer, ladder, slides, diving structure, underwater lighting, junction boxes, and water circulating/heating equipment. Using BURNDY® Grounding products assures you will meet the applicable NEC requirements.

GRIDMAXTM meets NEC article 680.26(C) – Equipotential Bonding Grid. “The parts specified in 680.26(B) shall be connected to an equipotential bonding grid with a solid copper conductor…” 680.26(C)(3)(b) “Grid Structure. The equipotential bonding grid shall cover the contour of the pool and the pool deck extending 1m (3 ft.) horizontally from the inside walls of the pool. The equipotential bonding grid shall be arranged in a 300mm (12 in.) by 300mm (12 in.) network of conductors in a uniformly spaced perpendicular grid pattern with tolerance of 100mm (4 in.)”

Interactive Application

pool-interactive CL50-1 CL50-1 CL50-1 C11K16D C11K16D GKA4C GKA4C GKA4C GRIDMAX GKA4C